Background and aim of the PSYweb platform

PSYweb is the official online gate of the Swiss Psychology Society (SPS).
The platform aims to visualise all SPS-members and their research on one website.

What can I do with this platform?
You can search and find people in an easy or advanced way: SPS-members in locations as Swiss Universities and other; in specific research fields; with specific research interests.
You will get relevant basic information about these persons - usually with a direct link to his or her official website and working background.
PSYweb is therefore a fast and frugal way to find interesting people working and/or doing research in a specific field of psychology.
You can also search for the latest job offerings or other demands and supplies posted by active SPS-members.

How can I use this platform?
As a SPS-member you get the authorisation to maintain an individual profile on the PSYweb platform.
As soon as you have once activated your account, you will get your individual login.
As logged-in SPS-member your are able to edit your profilie, generate useful information and links.
Furthermore you are able to post job offerings or other demands and supplies at any time and as many you have.

As a SPS-member, how do I get access to this platform?
You usually get your access by an individual e-mail from the administrator, as soon as you have paid your membership fee.
You will be asked to complete your individual settings and profile once.
The handling of the PSYweb platform is kept as easy and intuitive as possible.

I am convinced to be a SPS-member, but I have not yet got an access for the PSYweb platform
This instance can have several different reasons:


  • The activation of your access is still in progress. Action: Please send an e-mail with the request for an immedeate access to
  • We do not know your e-mail-address. Action: Please send an e-mail to, with the indication of your preferred e-mail-address, and your request for an access
  • You do not have an e-mail-address. Action: Please contact our secretary (+41 (0) 78 902 26 95) and formulate the wish for an access. The secretary then will contact the administrator.
  • You have not payed your membership for the current period. Action: Please pay your bill, and send an e-mail to
  • You are not registered in our system. Action: Please contact our secretary by mail or phone (+41 (0) 78 902 26 95) and ensure your membership (status).

How do I get the SPS-membership?
Please contact our official SPS-website (German or French)

Can I use this platform temporary as a Non-SPS-member?  (e.g. as a student or newsman/newswoman)
Perhaps yes, if you have good reasons. Please send an e-mail with your request for a exceptional and temporary access and your motivation to

I have some troubles with the handling of the platform
Please formulate your issue and send an e-mail to
Maybe your question once will be (anonymously) integrated in this FAQ-list and therefore emerge as helpful for other users.

I have recommendations how this platform can be improved
We are very interested in the further development of PSYweb, as well as its handling and content. So, please write us and send your mail to