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Prof. Shanahan’s Risk and Resilience research laboratory at the University of Zurich is looking for a post-doctoral researcher who will be tasked with secondary data analyses of several large-scale long-term longitudinal datasets with biological data. The work will involve:

1) Analyses for the secondary data analysis project “Substance Use and Stress in Young Adulthood,” which was recently funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). For this project, data from the prospective-longitudinal Zurich Project on Social Development from Childhood to Adulthood (z-proso, N~1400, from ages 7 to 20 years old) will be used, including newly assessed biomarkers in hair (e.g., cortisol, testosterone, substance metabolites from hair toxicology analyses).

2) Analyses of additional long-term longitudinal datasets, including, for example, the Great Smoky Mountains study (GSMS, N~1400, from ages 9 to 30 years old), which features extensive data on childhood adversities, biological markers of stress (e.g., systemic inflammation), psychopathology, and substance use.

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