Promotion of young academics

Every second year a prize was awarded for young academics in the area of Psychology:

Year of award        Person
     2017                    Shékina Rochat
     2015                    Andrea Wantz
     2013                    Anik Debrot
     2011                    Mirella Walker und Philipp Golay
     2009                    Tobias Brosch
     2007                    Leila Soravia und Gian Beeli
     2005                    Grégoire Zimmermann und Urs Nater
     2003                    Susanne Jäggi
     2001                    nicht verliehen
     1999                    Ottavio Serino und Adrian Schwaninger

Regulation of the prize for young academics (SPS)

Ausschreibung für das Jahr 2019 / Mis au concours pour l'année 2019 see PDF (German and French)

Further calls for prizes and proposals