The Swiss Psychological Society (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychologie, SGP) is a national association of professionals which aims at promoting psychological science in education, research, and practice.

Aims of the SPS

The intensive development of psychological education and research during the last decades has lead to a professionalization and to a positive public image of psychology. Elaborate international networks have been established within scientific psychology. It is the aim of the SPS to advance these developments and to promote and secure high standards in academic education and further training as well as in psychological research.

How to become a member of SPS is explained under Membership (only in German or French)

The Swiss Psychological Society  

  • promotes high-quality academic education and further training for psychologists
  • promotes psychological research in Switzerland
  • promotes the practical application of scientific psychology
  • protects the interests of its members and of psychologists who are active in academic teaching and research
  • supports further development of professional identity as well as professionalization in psychology
  • supports collaboration between psychologists and psychological institutions on national and international levels
  • promotes a use of psychological knowledge that is oriented at human and social values. SPS members comply with the association's Ethic Guidelines for Psychologists


  • The SPS edits the Swiss Journal of Psychology (SJP), which is issued four times a year. This professional journal publishes contributions from all areas of psychology, including basic research as well as practical applications of psychology or book reviews. The membership fee includes subscription to the journal.
  • Every two years, the SPS organizes an international scientific conference. The conferences offer all interested psychologists, and younger researchers in particular, an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and to engage in discussions with professional colleagues.
  • Every two years the SPS awards a prize to honour junior researchers for extraordinary accomplishments. The prize for junior researchers is awarded at the SPS conference.
  • In its yearly bulletin, the SPS keeps its members informed about current scientific and professional issues, about changes and developments within the SPS, new publications by its members, etc.
  • The SPS newsletter is issued 2-4 times a year. It contains information on research projects, awards and fellowships, about editorship of scientific journals, imminent guest stays, doctorates, post-doctoral degrees (Habilitationen) and appointment to chairs, about new university courses on offer, workshops, summer schools, conferences, and events.
  • The SPS represents the interests of its members in various professional and political bodies (see News).
  • The SPS engages actively in public relations. Thanks to good contacts with universities, scientific bodies and professional associations in Switzerland as well as other countries, the SPS board is able to quickly take a stand on developments and events that concern the aims of the SPS.

Collaboration with other organizations

The SPS is collaborating closely with the psychological institutes of Swiss universities. It is a member of:

  • The Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, SAGW),
  • The International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS),